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Our Offer:

  • Concert performances (symphony, chamber, and promenade concerts or performances at business events)
  • Accompaniments of soloists and choirs
  • Musical recordings in a studio
  • Last but not least, we appear as an operatic orchestra

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The Cast:

  • Chamber ensembles of any form (three or more players).
  • An orchestra of an at least 20-member cast – with a perfect chamber sound, usually without a conductor.
  • A larger, so called “Mozartian” orchestra, with ca 25 musicians – with a cultivated, rather fine chamber sound, but with a somewhat restricted repertoire. With or without a conductor.
  • A still larger, so called “Beethovenian” orchestra with a conductor, consists of about 35 players. It has a full orchestral sound, though still a little restricted repertoire, especially as far as the style is concerned.
  • A large symphony orchestra with more than 40 members (with a monumental sound, which can induce a real splendorous festive atmosphere).

As we co-operate with soloists – both singers and instrumentalists –, we can organize a concert with a solo performance according to your wish.