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Working in the studio – producing CDs, studio recordings, recordings of film soundtracks etc – we use the STUDIO “A” of the Czech Radio, a complex with a mixing and mastering studio, a large recording hall and an operating backstage convenient especially for recording of large casts for dance, jazz or brass music but also for various chamber ensembles, soloists and choirs, film soundtracks of the symphony cast up to 100 members and any multi-track musical production.


The mixing and mastering studio with a large hall (1200 m3, reverberation 0.75 s) and an operating backstage is appropriate especially for recording of dance, jazz and brass music in big casts but also for small groups, chamber ensembles, soloists, choirs, film soundtracks in the symphony cast and any multi-track music production.

The equipment of the mixing and mastering studio

Digital mixing console STUDER Vista 7 (40 microphone inputs, fully automatic), recording and producing system PRO TOOL HD3 (32 channels, 96 I/O, effect plugin Waves Gold Bundle, external synchronisation), a 24-track 2-inch tape deck Studer A 820, a top-class effect processor LEXICON 960 L, standard studio recording and playback equipments (2x DAT SONY PCM R-700, 2x tape deck Studer A 80, an MD Sony MDS-E 12, an HHB CDR-830 Plus, a CD Marantz PMD 340, a cassette deck Tascam 122 MK II), monitoring loudspeakers GENELEC 1038 with a possible extension to surround 5.1. A piano available in the studio.